Catonsville Violin Studio Beginning Violin Material List

Violin & bow that have been sized - I recommend renting from Gailes Violin Shop in College Park or Perrin & Associates in Baltimore.  Please do not purchase a violin on Amazon.

Cleaning cloth for violin

Shoulder Rest - purchase a sponge first and get a supply of rubberbands

Pinkie nest: Order a fish pinkie nest from Amazon (hand support part not necessary) or a "Pinky Hold" from Shar Music.

Tuning app that gives *only* the pitches A, D, G and E for violin

Suzuki Violin Book 1 & Book 1 CD

A notebook for parent note-taking

For students 11 and under the practice parent needs to be the parent present at every lesson

…And enthusiasm and willingness to practice and learn! 

Materials to gradually add

A note-reading book which I will specify

A scale book which I will specify.

A collection of violin/classical music!